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"If you are looking for a product to help you stay in front of your customer without hounding them with phone calls or emails. No matter your business size, EasyOrder is the product for your company."

- Scott Landry

"Easyorder has helped me keep my current customer base loyal and has been instrumental in obtaining new business. There is nothing else like it out there."

- Chris Peterson

"Easy Order has been a great tool for our company. Waking up and having orders in the inbox and the customers loving the system is a welcomed change from the old school method of creating order forms or taking phone calls for each order. If efficiency matters, you should consider EasyOrder!"

- Jesse Harwell

"I know my retention rate will be better with Easy Order because once they begin to order they have a pattern and habit that will be harder for the next salesperson to break. So far existing customers have appreciated the form that is easy to download and install. I like the feature of order urgency so I know what their delivery expectation is without having to ask each time. I also believe getting the immediate confirmation gives them a level of comfort knowing their order is in process. Accuracy should go up and potential lost orders or miscommunication should go down creating a better experience for the client. Finally, orders are processed faster and store staff can deal with orders at their convenience and spend less time taking phone orders which gives them time to interface better with the walk-in customer. "

- Mattie Smith
Lawrenceville, GA

"If you are not using EasyOrder yet, START USING IT! Not only is this is a great tool to capture new business and be exposed on the clients desktop every day, but think about your present customer. Save them time finding out who has what cartridge, YOU do the specific inventory they have and then they order only the carts they have with the click of a button.

You are in jeopardy of losing any present customers you have as they seek out easier ways to order. You spend more on coffee each month than the cost of using this. Just ask some of the many growing stores using it. People will get sick of calling you for cartridges if there is an easier way, so you have to keep on the cutting edge with convenient service. Many of our stores use and live by it as part of their customer service approach and sales approach."

- Greg Carafello
Territory Master, NY/NJ

"We have an elementary school that has ordered over $10,000 of cartridges on Easy Order over the past year. Comments from both the IT and bookkeeper have been:

*Very user friendly

*Easy to look up their cartridges

*Like the customizable feature for their respective printers

A Newspaper publishing company has purchased over $8,000 of cartridges over the past year. Comments include:

*Like the department feature for the printers

*Easy to add new printers

*Very easy to use and get setup"

- Steve Gornall
John's Creek, GA

"We recently went after a 13 location franchise (which we now service). During the first meeting, I started to explain how EasyOrder would make their job easier. She was impressed. Using the EasyOrder made the whole transition simple and hassle free. Also, since not all of their stores have the same printers, the customer liked how EasyOrder was set up for each location. She appreciated how that would eliminate confusion and costly mistakes. EasyOrder has helped our business grow! If you are not using EO, you need to be!"

- Shawn & Corrine Nareski
Brookfield, WI

"To have our customers receive an instant, professional order confirmation just makes us look like we have our act together. This is true whether the customer places the order themselves or whether we do it. There are some significant customers of ours who just prefer to call or email in their orders. That’s perfectly fine, but we still place an EasyOrder for them so they will get that confirmation. Also, for those customers for whom we perform inventory maintenance, they sometimes never see us and only see the confirmation when we place a replenishment order for them."

- Bill Johns
Redmond WA

"I use the 'cost-per-page' aspect of the EasyOrder quote all the time to sell my clients more cost-effective printers. Once a client sees the cost-per-page savings on a recommended printer versus their current printer... usually a no-brainer."

- John Applegate

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